Unibond Dehumidifier Reviews – Which is the Best Moisture Absorber?

Unibond Dehumidifier Reviews
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Unibond dehumidifiers - or more accurately Unibond moisture absorbers - are a popular alternative to electric dehumidifiers for mild damp problems. While they are nowhere near as effective as a true dehumidifier, they are cheap and can remove a noticeable amount moisture from the air.

It's vital to have realistic expectations of Unibond dehumidifiers though. When reading online reviews, it's clear that many people see them as a cheap refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifier. This is not the case. Products such as these don't have a compressor or fan, and they can only remove water from air that passes through them naturally (and even then only small quantities).

To give you an idea of the quantity of water we're talking about, a single tablet of the Aero 360 removes around 500ml before needing to be replaced. A tablet can last several months before it dissolves, so the product is capable of removing around half a litre in that time. In comparison, the best domestic dehumidifiers can remove 20+ litres per day.

With that said, moisture absorbers have their place.​ If placed correctly, they can continuously remove small amounts of water that would otherwise condense on windows and cultivate mould. They are also great for passively removing moisture in boats or caravans that don't have a continuous power supply. 

On this page, we've reviewed three of the most popular Unibond dehumidifiers. Each of these absorbers is worth trying for mild damp issues, although don't expect them to remove large amounts of water quickly.

Which are the Best Unibond Dehumidifiers?

Unibond Aero 360 Pure

Unibond Aero 360

The Unibond Aero 360 Pure is one of the most popular moisture absorbers available at the moment. It's designed to passively remove damp and condensation from rooms without electricity.

​Unlike electric dehumidifiers, the Aero 360 uses a natural process to slowly absorb excess moisture from the air. A tab of crystals turns water into a salty solution that's collected at the bottom of the device.

The top of the device is designed to improve airflow through the absorber, leading to greater extraction than competing models. In fact, Unibond claims that it can remove the first drop of water within just 12 hours.

One thing to keep in mind is that you'll need to replace the tablet once it's dissolved. A single tab replacement is included with the device, and they can be bought in packs of two for around £5. Tablets last anywhere between 6 weeks to 3 months depending on the humidity of the room.

The Aero 360 Pure is our top pick for a non-electric dehumidifier. It's handy for small areas, such as cupboards or boats, and does a decent job of removing excess water. Don't expect it to quickly dehumidify damp environments though.

Unibond Aero 360 E-Connect

Aero 360 Connect

The Aero 360 E-Connect, as the name suggests, is very similar to the original Aero 360. It's still a passive moisture absorber that's suitable for rooms of up to 20 square metres - and is capable of removing small amounts of water on a consistent basis.

But the biggest difference is the integrated system to connect with Android and Windows phones. This is a simple integration that allows you to quickly order refills from your phone when it detects the absorber is about to run out. The connection is via NFC and you can order from Amazon, so you don't need an app to use it.

Note: At the time of writing Unibond don't support iOS phones.​ You can only use it with Windows or Android devices.

Aside from this feature, the E-Connect has the same 360 design to increase airflow, a single replacement tab and ​an attractive design.

While the E-Connect feature is little more than a gimmick, you may find it useful if you often forget to buy replacement tabs. Other than that, this is identical to the Aero 360 and marginally more expensive. For this reason, we don't recommend buying it unless you want the mobile feature.

Unibond Humidity Absorber (1554713)

Unibond Humidity Absorber

The Unibond Humidity Absorber features a different design to the Aero 360 range. With its Pearl body, we don't think it looks quite as stylish as other Unibond dehumidifiers, but it's still a good option for removing small amounts of water from the air.

Like other moisture absorbers, this model doesn't actively pull in air to remove water. Instead, it uses passive crystals to attract and collect water from air that passes through it. For this reason, it's important to place it at least 10cm away from a wall to increase circulation.​ Unibond also recommends using it in rooms that are 10 square metres or less, which is relatively small.

With that said, it's a good option for areas that don't have a continuous power supply, such as boats, vans, attics and cupboards. The tablets last around two months, depending on the humidity, and are quick to replace.

In addition, the tablet includes a substance to helps neutralise odours. This is useful for getting rid of musty smells that often accompany damp and condensation.​ It's nowhere near as effective as a true air filter, but is a nice bonus.

Overall, the Humidity Absorber is another useful gadget from Unibond.​ It's surprisingly effective at removing water from the air, as long as you have realistic expectations, and is a great option for managing excess humidity if you don't want to pay for an electric dehumidifier.


Buying a Unibond dehumidifier or moisture absorber can be an effective way to manage humidity if you have a mild damp problem. Their products are unlikely to solve a mould or condensation problem on their own, but are a cheap preventative measure that's silent and doesn't require management.

We think the best Unibond dehumidifier is the standard Aero 360 Pure. It's has a stylish appearance and does an acceptable job at removing water from the air. At the current time, we don't think it's worth paying extra to get the E-Connect version.

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