Meaco Dehumidifier Reviews – Which is the Best Model in 2024?

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Meaco dehumidifiers have quickly grown in popularity over the last decade. While the company doesn't have the brand recognition of major companies such as Delonghi, Meaco specialise in dehumidifiers and air purifiers and their machines have been highly rated by buyers.

But which are the best Meaco dehumidifiers? And are there any you should avoid? Keep reading to find out!

Who are Meaco?

Meaco are a UK-based company that specialise in domestic and industrial dehumidification. The company produces a range of dehumidifiers for the UK market, including several that appear on our list of the best dehumidifier models.

Founded in 1991, the company originally focused on technology to maintain air quality in museums. It wasn't until 2009 that they began using their expertise to produce domestic dehumidifiers. Since then, Meaco has rapidly grown in popularity and sells their dehumidifiers throughout the world.

There are two ranges of Meaco dehumidifier. The first is the standard range, which contains models such as the DD8L. The second is the premium range. Premium models, such as the Low Energy, were first released in 2014​ and have received a number of awards for their excellent performance.

The company's dehumidifiers tend to be at the premium end of the spectrum, with the majority costing £180 RRP or above (price can vary depending on where you buy though). There are a few cheaper options, such as the Meaco Small Home, but we don't feel these match the quality of Meaco's premium dehumidifiers.​ Meaco are also the sole distributor of Mitsubishi dehumidifiers, although we haven't included these on the list below.

While the majority if Meaco dehumidifiers provide excellent performance and value for money, we've picked our four favourite models below. Each has been highly rated by buyers and excels at quickly removing water from the air.

Which are the Best Meaco Dehumidifiers?

Meaco Low Energy MEACO20LE

Meaco Low Energy Dehumidifier

One of the most popular Meaco dehumidifiers - and also our pick for the "best dehumidifier" - is the Low Energy MEACO20LE. It's a whole house dehumidifier with outstanding water removal, relatively quiet operation and a huge water tank. In short, it's an excellent machine that we highly recommend.

Let's start with its water extraction performance. The Low Energy is a refrigerant model, so it naturally performs best with higher humidities and warmer temperatures. At peak conditions, it's capable of extracting 20 litres per day, making it suitable for 4-5 bedroom homes.

Surprisingly, the Low Energy is also effective at removing water from cooler environments. This is unusual for a refrigerant model. While we wouldn't recommend it for environments at less than 10 degrees - in fact the model won't function under 5 degrees - it's still great for cooler interior rooms. For garages, however, your best bet is a desiccant dehumidifier.

We also like that the model has a huge six litre capacity. This is considerably larger than most competing models and means you won't need to empty it as often.​

Other features include an optional HEPA filter, ​energy efficient design, humidity selection (30-80%) and front-loading water tank. The machine also has a laundry drying mode and two fan speeds, so you can reduce energy usage and noise when needed.

The only downside to the Low Energy is that it's a relatively large and bulky machine. It's one of the heaviest we've reviewed, at 13.7kg, ​so it's not easy to move between rooms. The bulky design also takes up more floor space than other models. There are castors and a handle to improve mobility though.

Overall, the Meaco Low Energy is a fantastic dehumidifier. It excels in warmer environments, but can handle temperatures down to 10 degrees Celsius.​ The large water tank and optional HEPA filter are also great features to have - although the bulky design makes it unsuitable for small rooms.

Note: There is a smaller 12L version of the Low Energy that's suitable for flats and homes with up to three bedrooms. Click here to read our review.​ For a similar model but with faster extraction and quieter operation - without the HEPA filter - there's also the Meaco ABC 12L


  • Excellent water extraction in warmer conditions
  • Suitable for 4-5 bedroom homes
  • Huge water tank
  • Optional HEPA filter for air filtration
  • Energy efficient


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not suitable for unheated environments such as garages


  • Type: Refrigerant
  • Noise: 46dB
  • Tank: 6 litres
  • Power: 255W
  • Max Extraction: 20 litres/day
  • Price: £££ - Premium

Meaco DD8L Portable

Meaco DD8L Portable

A mid-range option from Meaco is the DD8L. This desiccant model has proven to be highly popular amongst buyers - especially for removing water from cooler rooms or garages.

Like other desiccant dehumidifiers, the DD8L works best with lower humidities and cooler environments. This makes it ideal for conservatories or garages, but it's more than capable of removing moisture from interior rooms too. The capacity of 7.5 litres per day isn't huge - but keep in mind this is the equivalent of a much larger capacity on a refrigerant model.

It doesn't have a digital display, but allows you to choose various settings including three options for humidity. There are also two, four and eight hour timer modes. This is great if you want the dehumidifier to dry a room while you're out, but don't want to leave it on all day.

Unlike the Low Energy, the DD8L is built to be lightweight and portable. Desiccant technology is usually lighter than refrigerant, which is why it can provide powerful performance while weighing just 6.2kg. The dimensions of 35 x 50 x 20cm also take up much less floor space than other models. A downside of this portable design is that it has a small two litre water tank.

Other features include a laundry mode, for drying clothes quickly, and two fan settings. ​While it's relatively loud for a desiccant dehumidifier on its high fan setting, the lower setting reduces noise output to just 39dB. A bonus is that the machine provides a slight warming effect when in use, which can be useful for cold rooms in the winter.

Overall, the DD8L is an excellent mid-range dehumidifier. It's great at extracting water from environments at room temperature or below, and its lightweight design makes it highly portable.


  • Great extraction in cooler conditions
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Only 39dB noise output on lowest fan speed


  • Small two litre water tank


  • Type: Desiccant
  • Noise: 48dB
  • Tank: 2 litres
  • Power: 650W
  • Max Extraction: 7.5 litres/day
  • Price: ££ - Mid-Range

Meaco DD8L Zambezi

DD8L Zambezi

The DD8L Zambezi is a top-end Meaco dehumidifier that's a step up in features, performance and price from the standard DD8L. It has a slightly larger capacity of 8 litres per day, making it suitable for homes with up to 5 bedrooms. It also comes with Meaco's Energy Saving Laundry+ mode and a range of additional features.

As it's a desiccant dehumidifier, the Zambezi is better suited to cooler environments than refrigerant models. In fact, it excels at both room temperature and cooler rooms, making it a great option for outbuildings or conservatories.

Meaco boasts that the Zambezi has "6 World Firsts." These include a Sterilising ioniser that kills mould, viruses and bacteria, and the Energy Saving Laundry+ mode. The latter feature is a combination of laundry drying and humidity monitoring systems and helps to dry clothes quickly without wasting energy.

Other features include a "Turn Me On" function if the humidity goes above 70%, a daily timer (so the dehumidifier switches on at the same time each day) and a digital display. The machine also has anti-mould tank coating and a child lock.​

Aside from the high price, there are very ​few downsides to the Zambezi. But if we were being picky the three litre water tank could be larger (although there is a continuous drainage mode). It's also not the quietest model, with a 41dB noise output even on the lowest setting.

Even so, the Zambezi is an outstanding dehumidifier with some genuinely innovative features. It might be expensive, but there are few competing options that can match the versatility and performance of this model.


  • Range of unique features including anti-bacterial ionisier
  • Great water extraction at room temperature and below
  • Daily timer
  • Energy saving laundry mode


  • 3 litre tank could be larger
  • Expensive


  • Type: Desiccant
  • Noise: 50dB
  • Tank: 3 litres
  • Power: 660W
  • Max Extraction: 8 litres/day
  • Price: £££ - Premium

Meaco Low Energy Dehumidryer

Meaco Low Energy Dehumidryer

The Meaco Low Energy "dehumidryer," despite the clumsy name, is a sleek and highly powerful dehumidifier. Meaco claims it's a true replacement for a tumble dryer, making it an attractive option if your clothes horse is causing condensation and damp in your home.

So what makes it different from other machines? Firstly, Meaco claims it's the only dehumidifier with a DC motor. This allows the machine to remove a large amount of water from the air without using too much energy.

With a capacity of 25 litre per day, it's great at extracting large quantities of water from the air. The big capacity also makes it suitable for large houses or for drying lots of washing.

The Dehumidryer is a refrigerant model, so it's great at warmer conditions and will rapidly dry your home (or clothes). It also does a decent job in cooler conditions, although we wouldn't recommend it for garages.

Considering the high capacity, it's surprisingly energy efficient. This is important, especially if you're going to use it to dry washing on a regular basis. It's also a much smaller alternative to a tumble dryer, so it's a good option for flats. Like all Meaco models, it's simple to use and the large digital control panel lets you quickly see which options you've selected.

There are four running modes, including auto, quiet and laundry (which uses the fan to quickly dry clothes). It also comes with an ioniser to maintain air quality and Meaco's Control Logic system to reduce energy usage.

There aren't many downsides to the Dehumidryer. It has a large tank, great extraction rate and a unique motor. It's quite a loud machine on the highest fan settings though. Also, when the tank is full it's heavy to remove.

The Meaco Low Energy Dehumidryer is a powerful dehumidifier that's great at removing water from the air of large homes. It's also an excellent choice if you want to dry clothes quickly but don't have the space or money for a tumble dryer.


  • Unique motor to increase energy efficiency 
  • Powerful with a large capacity
  • Big 4 litre water tank


  • Loud on highest settings
  • Expensive


  • Type: Refrigerant
  • Noise: 50dB
  • Tank: 5 litres
  • Power: 330W
  • Max Extraction: 25 litres/day
  • Price: £££ - Premium


If you're looking for a reliable machine with great water extraction and unique features, a Meaco dehumidifier could be a great option. They are one of the few innovative brands in the dehumidifier market - and their models provide excellent value for money.

Out of all our Meaco dehumidifier reviews, we think the Low Energy is the best choice for 4-5 bedroom homes. It's powerful, has a huge water tank and is energy efficient. If you're looking for a smaller model, the Zambezi is a great alternative.

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