My name is Patrick, author and founder of Choose Dehumidifier.

This website is a labour of love for me – which sounds strange, I know! But let me explain…

I know from personal experience how unpleasant a damp, mouldy home can be. Just a few years back I was struggling with severe condensation and mould in my bedroom (we had only moved in a few months earlier) – and I quickly realised that a dehumidifier was going to be essential. There was very little airflow in the room and it was too cold to leave the window open in the winter.

At the time, I knew very little about dehumidifiers – and I initially found trying to pick one very frustrating. After spending far too much time researching the various dehumidifiers on the market, I eventually made a decision – and it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Since then, I’ve been helping friends and family with advice and tips for getting rid of mould and condensation – and I’ve become quite passionate about dehumidifiers.

I realise that many people are probably in the same situation as I was: fed up with a damp and mouldy living environment…but not sure which is the best dehumidifier to buy (they can be expensive after all!)

That’s why I started ChooseDehumidifier.co.uk: to help my readers research and choose the most cost-effective dehumidifier for their home and situation.

To do this, I write reviews, guides and how-to articles. My aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of getting rid of mould in your home – and I won’t stop until I feel I’ve covered every useful tip, dehumidifier and guide.

I hope you find the website helpful! If you have any questions, you can always use the contact page or the comment form on any article.

Good luck with your search!